I'm Going To Go (remastered)

Great disco tune by Jago.., different mixes.. INCL. the instrumental plant mix by Frankie Knuckles !

I'm Going To Go' was recorded at Forum Studio in Rome in 1983 and released on Full Time the same year. He made an electro-funk demo with a Gibson Les Paul, but during practice the song became soulful funk but arranged with new wave electronics. The song revolves around a slick atmospheric bassline, driving electronic percussion, and tight rhythm guitar and synths

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Artist : Jago
Title : I'm Going To Go (remastered)
Label : Full Time Records
Réf. label : FTM 2018-03
Genre : Disco Funk
Country : Italy
Year : 2018
Format : 12"
Origine : Original
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : MINT
Second hand : Non
Price : 15,00 EUR
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Side 1
1. I'm Going To Go (Frankie Knuckles instrumental Plant mix)
Side 2
1. I'm Going To Go (instrumental)
2. I'm Going To Go (original mix)

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