Comunite 002

The Mexican platform Comunité returns with its second outpost in the form of a Various Artist package showcasing some of the core players featured on the 2018 bill of the festival. Through a heap of selected works of both regulars and newcomers – COM002 offers a glimpse of the festival’s signature curation of eclectic tastes, from prime-time floor fillers blended in with experimental acoustic sorcery.

The 12” kicks off with a notorious collaboration between two regulars of the Tulum-based event: Tijuana’s Soul of Hex mind-bending classic approach to house music amalgamated with Mule Musiq’s Kuniyuki and his complex synth work – culminating in Dampe, a 7 minute joint-effort between Mexico and Japan. A2 continues in the vein of Cuba’s Alpha 606 – a fresh artist debut on the label. Through staggering hi-hat work and filtered synth pad beds, the Miami based artist showcases his signature electro style that blends An undoubtable latin rhythmic influence with drum machines and LFO-grooved melodies forming “Shadow”.

On the flip side, Mexico City’s techno veteran Itzone takes the floor with an introductory ambient piece featuring a vocal narrative that highlights inspirational and mystic concepts–serving as both an interlude as well as a commencement to the rest of the package. Comunités regular JoSep takes on the torch afterwards, providing his always floor-ready 4/4 hypnotic debauchery and shining a light On one of the festival’s core aesthetics. Closing off the second instalment of the label, Mexico City’s AAAA offers his signature plate of modular synthesis-based experiments, welcoming into his realm of apocalyptic concepts simultaneously to a soothing closure of the record; a magnifying glass into one of Mexico’s front-running creational platforms.

Item détails
Artist : Various Artists
Title : Comunite 002
Label : Comunité
Réf. label : COM 002
Genre : House
Country : Mexico
Year : 2018
Format : 12"
Origine : Original
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : MINT
Second hand : Non
Price : 10,00 EUR
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Side 1
1. Kuniyuki & Soul Of Hex - Dampe
2. Alpha 606 - Shadow
Side 2
1. Itzone - A Higher Self
2. JoSep - Per K
3. AAAA - Another Day In The Dome

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