Ill Camille, LA hip hop's female perspective. Ill Camille has been a vital member of the LA music scene for some years. Kendrick Lamar used her vocals prominently for the "good kid, m.A.A.d city" track "Sing about me", she has been working with other TDE artists occasionally and spend a lot of time writing for different projects Terrance Martin was involved with.

At the same time Camille was developing her own material with her fellow peers such as MNDSGN, Iman Omari, DJ Battlecat, Like (Pac Div) Georgia Anne Muldrow & SIR who are all featured on her album “Heirloom” just like TDE co-president Punch. “Heirloom” productions range from smooth, g-funk esque west coast beats to live & organic soulful beats, working as the perfect backdrop for Camille's powerful, intelligent and thought thru lyrics.

The album is deeply personal revolving around the issues that mater in her life from friends and family, her role as a woman and the heirloom of her and her surrounding: “I feel like everyone are heirlooms of our mothers and fathers. An heirloom is just something that’s passed down through a family. We get heirlooms in the form of game, encouragement or wise words. I know everyone has an aunt or uncle that’s given them some bars about life in general. I have a village around me that have given me heirlooms in the form of conversations”.

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Artist : Ill Camille
Title : Heirloom
Label : Jakarta Records
Réf. label : JAKARTA 122
Genre : Hip-Hop
Country : Germany
Year : 2017
Format : 2xLP
Origine : Original
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : SEALED
Second hand : Non
Price : 28,00 EUR
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Side 1
1. Black Gold
2. Warrior/Sankofa (feat Camp Lo Deion & Mnyykk Shevy)
3. Trust Me (feat Sha'leah Nikole & SiR)
4. Home (feat Damani Nkosi)
Side 2
1. Almost There (feat SiR)
2. Live It Up (feat Iman Omari)
3. Fight On (feat Preston Harris & Damani Nkosi)
4. Spider's Jam (feat Georgia Anne Muldrow & Javonte)
Side 3
1. Slip Away (feat Amaru)
2. Again (feat Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center, Ryck Jane & Marcus Zgarvey)
3. Lighters
4. Still A Lady (feat Tiffanie Cross & Shavasha Dickerson)
Side 4
1. Duality (interlude)
2. Sao Paolo (feat Punch & Rose Gold)
3. Few Days (feat Javonte & Marknoxx)
4. Renewed

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