Rare Essence

Indonesian concern Midnight Runners know a thing about quirky, utterly funky boogie and disco variations played out with real world heart and soul. This third album Rare Essence is the most complete look into the world of bandleader Munir Septiandry to date, not least when reveling in the heavyweight groove of "Pyramids Of The Moon". There's a lighter disco touch to "Paraswara Harmoni", but equally a cosmic force guides the track skywards in a manner that calls to mind the sweetest 70s library music. "Cyber Crimes" is a sassier affair that makes its club intentions clearer, but at every turn Midnight Runners display a keen proficiency for party music that you can equally chill to.

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Artist : Midnight Runners
Title : Rare Essence
Label : Neon Finger
Réf. label : NF 03
Genre : Modern-Funk
Country : Spain
Year : 2017
Format : LP
Origine : Original
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : MINT
Second hand : Non
Price : 14,00 EUR
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Side 1
1. Drive Me To The Sky (feat Megan Doherty)
2. Cyber Crimes
3. Mutual Feeling
4. Empathy & Sympathy
Side 2
1. Rare Essence
2. Paraswara Harmoni
3. Pyramids Of The Moon

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