Transaction Declined

This the Second album by Big Funk Factory D-Funkt! the soundtrack to the story "TRANSACTION DECLINED" traces the final adventure of Dweeb Droid and introduces aged rocker AWM, whose perfidious character we will suffer a good deal more in the final chapter of the Big Funk epic "Bucky Ball".

Anyway back to D-Funkt! the band's usual cast features amongst others Mat Johnson (Jamiroquai, Laura Doggit, Julian Perretta, Duffy) as The Nerdmeister General on keyboards. Wayne Nunes and Perry Melius (Tricky, Aswad, Billy Ocean) as That Tall Bloke and The Metrognome on bass and drums.

Michael Brown (George Michael, Chaka Khan, Leona Lewis) on guitar in the guise of The Widdler, Jodie Linscott (Just … Everybody look her up on google) as The Lin Machine on percussion and Vanessa Haynes (Incognito, The Gorillaz, Van Morrison) and Janet Ramus (Shapeshifters, David Bowie; The Eurythmics) who are cast in the roles of Siren One and Two and feature on the track "She wants what wants."

Some notable guest appearances include Ernie Mckone (Galliano, Push, Candi Statton) as The Slightly Shorter Bloke whose bass features on "Independent Street", Rob Hughs (ABC, Heather Small, "Eddie the Eagle film soundtrack) in the role of Bobby Pop Sax and Tim Cansfield (The Bee Gees, Steve Winwood, Annie Lennox) who for the benefit of this album goes under the title Acoustico Fantastica. His fabulous Spanish guitar playing features on "Only The Silent Survive".

Andy Wood Mitchell (The AM Band, Andy & The BigFunk, Andy & the Other One) the organizer of this musical menagerie revises his past role from Big Funk Factory's first epic "D-roid Portrait of a Serial Singer" as D-roid's nemesis Dweeb Droid in addition to the newly created character of obnoxiousness AWM.

Slightly darker in tone the concept of the album sees the land of D-roid and Dweeb, Middle England plunged into civil chaos that develops into a full blown civil war and yet more discoveries about these creatures origins and for the first time some of the lyrics actually feature direct references to what's actually going on in the plot.
The Music begins with a more electro funk vibe than the previous release but the introduction of live instrumentation later on brings the sound right back to the Funk base that was established in the first album "Factory Sample".

Item détails
Artist : Big Funk Factory presents D Funkt
Title : Transaction Declined
Label : Big Funk Records
Réf. label : AWMVLP 2
Genre : Modern-Funk
Country : UK
Year : 2016
Format : LP
Origine : Original
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : MINT
Second hand : Non
Price : 20,00 EUR
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Side 1
1. Another Ghost Makes His Name
2. Second Generation
3. City Of Tiny Lights
4. Independent Street
5. She Wants What She Wants
Side 2
1. Last Orders
2. Terror Of The Children
3. Only The Silent Survive
4. Feel A Little Dystopic Tonight
5. Last Charitable Will On Earth

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