Junk Rudder

After his turn in Conga Radio, Roberto makes his debut on Good Timin' with four-tracks of classy bangers. Leading the charge is the shuffling "Junk Rudder," a piece of flanged out club gear that has the grace and grit to take any party to "that next level." Meanwhile, "Atomic" is a not-quite peak-hour stomper, while "Oceanic" is the sound of Goa Trance if the drug of choice was high-end coconut water. Finally, "Twilight" sounds like something Bruce Hornsby might cook up if he got arrested and could only talk to his lawyer through a broken Moog.

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Artist : Roberto
Title : Junk Rudder
Label : Good Timin'
Réf. label : GDTIMIN 006
Genre : House
Country : Canada
Year : 2016
Format : 12"
Origine : Original
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : MINT
Second hand : Non
Price : 14,00 EUR
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Side 1
1. Junk Rudder
2. Twilight
Side 2
1. Atomic
2. Oceanic

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