Elusive Italo duo Maurizio e Dandolo return with Demin, a dreamy disco dancer celebrating the iconography of 1980s Italian summer and the heydays of Italo Disco.

Unfolding over an equally suave and hard-hitting tapestry of synths and drum machine, Demin plays with the authors’ nostalgia for the hazy and sun-drenched summers on the Italian eastern coast of their hometown of Pescara.

In the unmistakable and unmatched tradition of Italo Disco, Demin strikes a balance between the irrepressible desire to let loose on the dancefloor and the touching nostalgia for a past that, perhaps, was never lived but only dreamed of. That of the halcyon days of Italian design cars blasting synthy bangers from the radios, beach establishments with their candy-striped umbrellas, neon-lit discotheques and dancers in outrageous designer shirts, teenage flirts, and denim bracelets, the true icons of that era which Maurizio e Dandolo tribute in the song title.

Demin is set to become one of the ultimate dancers of the summer of 2024, an anthem for cheeky disco riviera flirts and boogies.

After being originally released on digital platforms, Demin is now finally out on 7” vinyl format too, accompanied on the B-side by an unreleased scratch version: a dub mix by Rome DJ and establishment Francisco.

Item détails
Artist : Maurizio e Dandolo
Title : Demin
Label : Mirella Records
Réf. label : MIR 002
Genre : Disco Funk
Country : Italy
Year : 2024
Format : 7"
Origine : Original
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : MINT
Second hand : Non
Price : 22,00 EUR


Side 1
1. Demin
Side 2
1. Demin (Scratch version)

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