Wepa Sepa!!/Van Cortado


DJ/producer Dez Andres, the legendary Detroit house and hip-hop producer, founder of La Vida Records, has exquisitely re-created two Cuban classics - “Mi Quimbin” by Los Bocucos, which was originally written by Jose Cuato Pavon and later interpreted by Roberto Roena under the title, “Que Se Sepa.” On Side B, DJ Dez does what he does best with hip-hop and a sampling of Los Van Van’s “Te Traigo.” This is a re-release with a different art on side B.

Item détails
Artist : Dez Andres
Title : Wepa Sepa!!/Van Cortado
Label : Future Rootz Records
Réf. label : FRZ 003
Genre : Latin
Country : US
Year : 2023
Format : 7"
Origine : Re-Issue
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : MINT
Second hand : Non
Price : 23,00 EUR


Side 1
1. Wepa Sepa!!
Side 2
1. Van Cortado

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