You have to know how to move away from the rich, strong and noisy streets, if you want to discover another Havana. A Havana far from the tourist circuits and preconceived images. A Havana where one discovers bucolic, but hard and stripped too after slow journeys in the crowded buses, a Havana with which Al Quetz maintains a passionate history since more than fourteen years.

Installed in one of those neighborhoods that can only be reached by going deeper into the alleys, from the open window of the studio comes the sound of banging drums and thumping bass. The sound reaches the streets on which the day rises.

The place wakes up in a growing tumult, with some rare engines coughing, conversations under the windows, songs of the street vendors , an urban ballet sets up as the sun darts its rays. Far from the musical clichés with percussions and horns, Cuba is an island bombarded with influences that one discovers. An island which vibrated for the jazz, the soul, the psychedelic rock , from the waves coming from the Caribbean to those of the bulky neighboring ogre.

A musical flowering as varied as abundant that the glorious post-revolutionary label Areito has on thousands of recordings, and that Al Quetz has designated as the sole source of his samples to compose Habanologia.

From the ambiences that punctuate the local daily life caught by his samplers, he let the melancholy infiltrate his hip hop beats, the nostalgia melting in the depths of his grooves. Nostalgia in the Cuban air, even during moments of intense laughter, which never totally disappears.

Habanologia restores these moments when the song of the birds has extinguished those of the cars. Where, sitting on a doorstep, we comment on the life of the neighborhood, we watch the women's swaying at eye level. The whole day if necessary, the coffee at one peso, after a certain hour, which leaves its place to the Planchao rum. Wandering through its streets where a chance encounter can itself bring others and lead to the essence of the habanera life. From Regla, after a short trip on the bus-boat that crosses the bay, savor the end of the day, observe the capital from afar, let the nocturnal insects ensure some arrangements and drift towards mysterious horizons, bringing to the contemplation of the place and the moment.

A flute, a keyboard, percussions or a voice. Al Quetz also invited his friends from the island or elsewhere to decorate his productions with their live touch. To share with him this Havana for which he covered his tracks, mixed times and distorted space-time to make it timeless. To write with Habanalogia, a declaration of love to the Cuban capital, to make Havana, His Havana.

Item détails
Artist : Al Quetz
Title : Habanologia
Label : Still Muzik
Réf. label : STILL 006LP
Genre : Hip Hop
Country : France
Year : 2021
Format : 2xLP
Origine : Original
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : SEALED
Second hand : Non
Price : 32,00 EUR


Side 1
1. Que Bola (feat Old Jay, Buddy Sativa)
2. Luchando (feat Dela, Medline, Old Jay)
3. La Sombra De La Palma (feat Niko Coyez, Florian Pellissier)
4. Luna Habanera (feat Obsession)
Side 2
1. El Cafe De Maria Y El Baile De Celso (feat Buddy Sativa)
2. Oda (feat Jorge Bolano, Florian Pelissier, Dan Amozig)
3. La Lanchita De Regla (feat Old Jay, Dan Amozig)
Side 3
1. Babalawo Y Caracoles (feat Niko Coyez, Dan Amozig)
2. Caminando Tu Lumbre (feat Florian Pellissier, Dan Amozig)
3. Planchao Y Criollos (feat Old Jay, Medline)
4. Batido De Trigo (feat Niko Coyez)
Side 4
1. Tainos (feat Fulgeance)
2. La Danza De Mis Muertos (Kofi part 5)
3. Ella Y El Resto De Mis Dias (feat Vinczdef)

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