Conversation Peace

The music that would become Conversation Peace began with a trip to KPM’s London HQ in late January of 2020. I had just finished wrapping up post production on my album Ocean Bridges with Archie Shepp and Raw Poetic. I actually received the invitation during the summer of 2019 during studio sessions for Ocean Bridges and scheduling for the top of 2020 made the most sense. So I packed up a few records and a few drum machines then embarked on my first trip to England. We had a quick meeting about expectations, then it was time to see the archive. As a record collector, I’m very familiar with the legacy of the KPM brand. I had been lucky enough to find a few over the past decade during my digging trips up and down the east coast, but looking at the complete vinyl catalogue was a great privilege. I anxiously began combing through records from morning to night looking for the right sounds. The whole experience was surreal.

Listening to the entire catalogue was a history lesson and the amount of great composers and compositions in the recordings was endless. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t somewhat overwhelming. As a producer looking for textures, inspiration and grooves, the abundance of those things made it extremely difficult to narrow down what I wanted to use. From drums to sound fx to orchestras to small rhythm sections to ambient noises, I heard a wide variety of things and they were all so well produced and recorded. Every instrument you can think of was there! I spent a little over a week capturing sounds knowing that my work was cut out for me when I returned to my home in DC. Once I got home, I got to work. I captured so much, that it took me about a month just to organize all those ideas. Little did I know the world would drastically change in the next month following my return. My flight to and from London would indefinitely be my last time traveling for a while. I worked diligently with the material and took my time making sure I had strong ideas. The history of KPM and the opportunity to collaborate with the prestigious lineage made the stakes very high for me and I knew I needed to deliver a quality product. It’s an honor to be the first artist to release a KPM Crate Diggers title. - Earl Davis (Damu the Fudgemunk)

Def Presse Editions overview: Introducing a new sister-label to Def Pressé named, Def Pressé Editions with two new types of project working with the iconic KPM label. KPM Crate Diggers, a sampled based series, and KPM Originals, a series of projects involving brand new compositions

A production music label dating back to 1956, the KPM library contains over 30,000 original recordings of non-commercial music made for licensed use in television, film, radio, or any other media outlet. Ranging from cinematic symphonic themes to bizarre sound effects, elaborate environmental landscapes of computer-synth orchestras to film scores, these licensed recordings, commissioned without the pressure of generating commercial hits, have long been a treasure trove for producers digging for samples. This adventurous undertaking, initiated by Def Pressé in affiliation with EMI Production Music’s hip-hop outfit The Real Fifth, will see a handful of carefully selected composers and sound-excavationists creating all-new records alongside an array of featured singers, rappers, and instrumentalists, to be released in two forthcoming series: KPM Crate Diggers and KPM Originals.

Item détails
Artist : Damu The Fudgemunk
Title : Conversation Peace
Label : KPM Crate Diggers
Réf. label : Edition 01
Genre : Hip Hop
Country : UK
Year : 2021
Format : LP
Origine : Original
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : SEALED
Second hand : Non
Price : 38,00 EUR


Side 1
1. Power Of Mind (feat Raw Poetic)
2. Reporting
3. Enchanted Spirits (feat Insight Innovates)
4. Upload Optimism
5. God Speed (feat Blu)
Side 2
1. Four Better Or Worse (feat Nitty Scott - part 1)
2. Four Better Or Worse (feat Blu - part 2)
3. Four Better Or Worse (feat Raw Poetic - part 3)
4. Four Better Or Worse (part 4)

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