Favorite Recordings proudly presents Voiciii, the 3rd and new album by Voilaaa, an immersive dip into its Afro-Disco universe spread across 14 tracks. Needless to say you’ll find in this new LP all the ingredients that made him famous: strong dancefloor-friendly festive bangers, irresistible funky arrangements and an undeniable sense of humor and irony.

Bruno “Patchworks” Hovart, behind Voilaaa, is as often surrounded by amazing vocal featurings from previous LP’s regulars (Pat Kalla, Lass) but also new voices you may already have heard on its recent EPs (David Walters, Rama Traore, Ayuune Suule), as well as the saxophonist Boris Pokora. The LP is also an occasion to pay tributes to major artists of the African sound, such as Fela Kuti (on “Water No Get Enemy”), or Manu Dibango (“Manu Écoute Ça” and “Tenor Jam For Manu”).

Since the release of Voilaaa’s previous LP’s Des Promesses and On Te L’Avait Dit and their massive international support, the Voilaaa Soundsystem did travel through the world to deliver its message of infectious joy and groove, from Equator to Thailand, from Kazakhstan to the infamous French “Fête de l’Huma”. Now you know: Voilaaa is everywhere and Voiciii (“here it is”) their new album.

Item détails
Artist : Voilaaa
Title : Voiciii
Label : Favorite Recordings
Réf. label : FVR 170
Genre : Soul-Funk
Country : France
Year : 2021
Format : 2xLP
Origine : Original
Record Condition : SEALED
Sleeve Condition : SEALED
Second hand : Non
Price : 24,00 EUR


Side 1
1. Assia (feat Pat Kalla)
2. Ben Bene La (feat Lass)
3. Women Can Do (feat Ayuune Sule)
Side 2
1. Mbaal Mu Teer (feat Lass)
2. Women Can Do (feat Ayuune Sule)
3. Tu Mens Devant Moi (feat Rama Traore)
4. Faut Pas (dub 2000)
Side 3
1. Fighting Slowly (feat Ayuune Sule)
2. Faut Pas Dire Des Choses Comme Ca (feat Pat Kalla)
3. LYMYE-A (feat David Walters Pat Kalla & Lass)
Side 4
1. Manu Ecoute Ca (feat Pat Kalla)
2. Ku La Foon (feat Lass)
3. Francois Va Te Laver (feat Pat Kalla)
4. Tenor Jam For Manu (feat Boris Pokora)

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