Celestial Strut

Nearly two years after his debut album, Bosq Y Orquestra De Madera, burst onto the scene with its varied rhythms and moods, Bosq is unleashing another batch of music for the dancefloor. His new album Celestial Strut is extending summer well past the autumnal equinox.
Not content to produce one style of music, Bosq takes you throughdisco ("Bad For Me". "Celestial Strut"), Latin rhythms ("Ella","Cumbia En Bahia"), and Afrobeat ("Bounce And Pull Up", "Take Over", "Pay The Price") with ease. Thinking of each album like a DJ set, he's always determined to inject many flavors but still keep a cohesive sound.
Helping to craft the album, collaborators such as Nicole Willis,Jesus Pagan Y Conjunto Barrio, and Kaleta chipped in with lyric writing, vocal duties, and riveting soundscapes. Recalls Bosq,"Jesus and the Conjunto Barrio helped me to re-record all my parts into live ones which gives it a greater authenticity and better musicianship. I then took those parts to rework and modernize them." Bosq even co-wrote lyrics, a first for him, with his girlfriend on "Found Your Love." To add even more flair to the album,Caserta, someone Bosq greatly admires for being able to bring so much sonic depth, mixed several tracks on Celestial Strut.
Having already received extensive coverage through outlets like WaxPoetics, OkayAfrica, Remezcla, and Sound Color Vibration as well as DJing around the country at nightclubs and even Boston's Museum Of Fine Arts, he's traveled extensively to locales such as South America and Puerto Rico since his last album to find new inspiration and perspective."Everything influences you consciously or subconsciously. So this album definitely has a sense of my travels and spending time in other cultures, whether on the road or with my girl and her family. All that Latin culture immersion has opened up my cold Northeast heart a lot!" he openly expresses. Celestial Strut is a confident record based on musical and lifeexperience that finds Bosq less constrained and focusing more on musical textures than genre conformity. Although he contends that there is so much more musically that he wants to learn, his love for creation and the learning process continues to push him to produce some of the most exciting dance and internationally-flavored wax dishes this decade.

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Artist : Bosq
Title : Celestial Strut
Label : Ubiquity
Réf. label : URLP 352
Genre : Modern-Funk
Country : US
Year : 2015
Format : 2xLP
Origine : Original
Record Condition : SEALED
Sleeve Condition : SEALED
Second hand : Non
Price : 32,00 EUR
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1. Cumbia En Bahia
2. Bounce & Pull Up
3. Ella
4. Take Over
5. Bad For Me
6. Found Your Love
7. Change
8. Pay The Price
9. Liars & Thieves Dub
10. Laughs On Me
11. Celestial Strut

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