Shot Out


It all started in a local club in Pine Bluff, Arkansas where Mojo and Spider played in their first group together, Zodiac, in the mid 70s. Spider played lead guitar, and Mojo held the brass section.
Sam "Spider" Rice was also the music director for a vocal group called "La Pinch" which included vocalist Gary Pinchom (Pinch). As the 80s approached La Pinch was looking for a new sound. After relocating to the East Coast "The Pinch" was born.
New York and Jersey was quite a change. Spider wanted to write a song to address the drug abuse he was seeing all around him. "Shot Out was a street term we used to describe someone with an excessive drug habit", recalls Spider. "We built a voice box from a horn driver, a couple of switches, and some tubing".
They had some money stashed from a Zodiac gig and picked up a Prophet 5 and Roland drum machine. After recording the track in 1981, the song was mastered at the legendary Power Plant in NYC. That would prove to be the major limitation for the release, since they were out of money now and could only afford to press 200 copies of the 7".
Distributed in Texas and locally on the East Coast, "Shot Out" would be the only release from The Pinch... UNTIL NOW! Re-mastered for the first time on 12" vinyl, this 80s funk masterpiece is finally back on wax.

Item détails
Artist : The Pinch
Title : Shot Out
Label : Peoples Potential Unlimited
Réf. label : PPU 016
Genre : Disco Funk
Country : US
Year : 2010
Format : 12"
Origine : Re-Issue
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : MINT
Second hand : Non
Price : 22,00 EUR
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Side 1
1. Shot Out (vocal)
Side 2
1. Shot Out (instrumental)

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