We Latin Like That

Created in 2006, SETENTA, the Latin Soul Band from Paris, spreads a unique mix over the world scene.

After sparkling debuts with their first albums Funky Tumbao (Hot Casa Records 2010), Latin Piece Of Soul (Hot Casa Records 2013), Paris to Nueva York (Latin Big Note 2016), following successful live experiences and strong links developed with New York and Joe BATAAN, the Latin soul legend, the French seven-piece combo is back with his modern definition of Latin music.

Composed and arranged collectively, this new opus mixes up Latin, Funk, Pop and Jazz, with the same percussive and strong vocal section, sung in Spanish, English, Creole and Yoruba, (cf. their arrangement of the traditionnal Rezo a Obatala). They also salute the great Camilo Azuquita with a rework of "Guajiro Bacan" (Ramon "Saoco" Perez), which they bring as a pledge of allegiance to the Latin Soul genre.

SETENTA spreads love, peace and positive energy all over the world, breaking rules and claiming We Latin Like That.

Item détails
Artist : Setenta
Title : We Latin Like That
Label : Latin Big Note Records
Réf. label : LBN 105LP
Genre : Latin
Country : France
Year : 2018
Format : LP
Origine : Original
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : SEALED
Second hand : Non
Price : 17,00 EUR


Side 1
1. Time To Love
2. Guajiro Bacan (Latin Soul Soldier)
3. Confused
4. Afro Blue Obatala
Side 2
1. Catch Me
2. Como Rinkin
3. Neg Cimarron
4. Boys & Girls

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